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Why Everyone Loves T-Shirts And Hoodies

T-shirts and hoodies are two of the most loved articles of clothing in the world today. It took a long time before these clothes achieved worldwide popularity, and a lot of things happened that affected the way they are made and why they are worn. Knowing a bit of their history will help us understand why everyone likes them, and why we can expect that they will last a long time.


Why everyone loves T-shirts and Hoodies

A hoody is a sweat shirt (a long sleeved shirt) with a cloth hood attached to it. Although hooded shirts are part of modern clothing, they have stayed around for centuries already. Monks from the medieval period were among the first to wear them, but eventually, they were converted into modern clothing styles that are good for cold weather.

Their popularity reached a peak during the 70s when Hip Hop became prevalent. Rappers back then wore sporty clothes with hoods to combine mystique with physical prowess.  A decade later, the hoody became associated with gangsters since this provided a quick way to hide their identities. Afterward, the fashion industry glamorized this apparel until they became trendy not only among Hip Hop adherents and gangs, but also to people who simply want trendy and comfortable wear.


Shirts made their first appearance as military men’s undergarments. They became standalone clothes when the war stopped and the soldiers didn’t have to wear their uniforms anymore. Time went by and civilians tried wearing shirts especially after some celebrities wore them both on-screen and off-screen. They gradually become accepted as external apparel instead of underclothing.

Tee-shirts became more and more developed as the years passed by. Shirts took on various collars, necklines, and forms. Textile printing allowed fabric to display words and graphics, thus printed shirts became used for ads, slogans, and all sorts of things. Their popularity fully blossomed when digital printing became possible. Nowadays, a t-shirt can have a design that is created by a person on a computer.

As you can see, these tops have experienced several developments throughout the years and the changes made people today like them even more.

Technological improvements have made it possible for people to create tops that are fit to their purposes and tastes: they can create funny t-shirts that display original jokes, or sweat shirt collections with their own logos on them. These clothes have certainly gone a long way from being basic clothing into multi-purpose tools, and it’s certain that they will remain fashionable for the years to come.

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