Shirt Size Chart

What is my correct shirt size?

We get asked this question quite regularly "How do i know the right shirt size to buy?"  We have created a simple guide below with various shirt sizes, so that you can always purchase in confidence, and know that you have picked the correct shirt sizes each time.


6 Simple Steps To Find Your Correct Shirt Size

  1. Grab one of your favorite shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies, along with a measuring tape and a ruler.
  2. Place the chosen garment stretched out on a flat surface like a table or counter-top.
  3. Measure from the point where the neck trim and the body meet, straight down to the bottom of the piece of clothing, including across any buttons which may be on the shirt.
  4. Next measure the width of the shirt across the front of the garment about one inch below the armholes.(you can see this shown in one of our images below)
  5. Compare the two numbers to the appropriate shirt size chart below to find the correct shirt sizes for you.
  6. Remember to compare the measurements against the correct shirt size image chart below, as men and women's sizes can be very different and can vary significantly.




    How to measure your sleeve length correctly?

    To find out the length of the sleeve, it is important that you place your arm in such a way at your side that there is a slight bend at the elbow. It is quite difficult to measure it yourself so it is best to have a friend at hand that will be able to assist you. Find the middle of the back of your neck and place the end of the measuring tape here; measure across the shoulder, and then down along the outside of your arm to just below the wrist.


    Men's Shirt Size Chart :


    Unisex Shirt



      Tank Top










     Unisex Hoodie 


    Ladies Size Chart :


    Ladies Cotton Tshirt



     Ladies V-Neck Tshirts






    Youth Shirt Size Chart :


    Youth Tees


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