Washing Clothes

Once you know how to wash clothes properly it will help to lengthen the lifespan of your garments, and also help to keep your clothes from fading for longer.

We all love the bright colors in our clothing, that is until the color fades. A nice bright t-shirt that you love could quickly turn into a piece of clothing that you hate once it fades to a washed out pink.


How To Keep Clothes From Fading 

How to keep your clothes from fading

  • Check the "care label" on the back of your clothes: it only take a few seconds but it will help guide you through the washing process. It will tell you what material the garment is made from and how it should be washed and cared for. It will tell you if you should wash it in cold water or with "like colors". It should also tell you about any specific drying instructions for your clothing.
  • Sort your clothes into different piles: you should always wash clothes that are similar in color together. Keep your whites together, and likewise wash similar dark clothes together. After all we don't want a red sock in with one of our best white shirts now do we?
  • You can reduce fading by turning clothes inside out: before washing clothes, take a few moments to turn all the clothes inside out. This helps prevent wear and tear from both washing and drying. It will also help if you dry clothes in the sun as the sun tends to fade colors,so make sure to turn those clothes inside out.
  • Don't overload the washing machine: although this may save you some time initially, it will actually cost you in the long term. This makes the machine work harder and as a result this will be tougher on your clothes. The clothes wont be washed properly as they are all stuffed together and the detergent can't be evenly deposited if the washer is over packed.
  • Don't over dry: it is bad for all laundry but particularly so for colors. Over drying will cause colors to fade quicker. Clothes should be slightly damp when coming out of the dryer, which will help reduce how much your clothes fade.


How To Wash Clothes


  • Washing clothes without detergent: even though detergents have come a long way, they still can be quite tough on your clothes. Why not try washing clothes with some vinegar, just throw a cupful in with your wash before you start. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener, and will also help prevent your clothes from fading.
  • Wash in cold water: if possible when washing clothes it is better to use as low a temperature setting as you can. Most detergents work equally well in either cold or hot water.
  • Use a gentle cycle: when washing clothes use a gentle wash cycle as it will help prevent fading in the long term.


If you follow these simple steps you should soon see an extended lifespan from your colored clothes